Cat Boarding


Separate from the dogs, this area is bright and quiet. It contains six spacious upstairs / downstairs condos; litter pans on lowest level, food and bedding on upper levels - lots of space between dining / sleeping area and bathroom facilities. We also have a ground level, side by side condo for senior or less mobile cats.

Each cat has the opportunity daily to come out and explore, climb the kitty tree, get cuddled or just sit in the windows and enjoy the sun.

We recognize that each guest has their own unique personality and respond accordingly - some want company, others want their own space, and some love to be held and stroked. We try to discover just what it is to make your cat comfortable.

We provide stainless steel feeding dishes, bedding, litter pans and litter (pine or gravel). Clients supply their own food.  If your kitty is particularly finicky (as some cats cat be....) we encourage clients to bring familiar dishes, bedding and toys from home.

The cattery is located just off our staff room and has separate heating and cooling from the rest of the building.

Boarding Your Pet With Us

  • Please phone (250)339-2955 to make a reservation
  • Print off and complete our Boarding Agreement, or allow ample time at check in to fill out if this is your first stay with us
  • Bring your pet's regular food, any comfort items (toys, blanket from home) and vaccination records*
  • Medications (no injections) need to be clearly labelled with dosage and frequency
  • We provide food and water bowls, bedding and treats

* Proof of FVRCP vaccination is required. Some exceptions may be made with management approval.

Boarding Fees**

  • $15.00 per day, single cat
  • $20.00 per day, two cats sharing

Daily rate discounts for stays exceeding 14 days and 30 days. No hidden fees for administering medications or supplements, special or frozen diet storage.

** Boarding fees are calculated by calendar day, NOT by night; therefore an overnight stay is a two day charge. You may pick up or drop off any time during normal business hours.

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