Dog Boarding


"My dog is always so excited to come here!"

We hear that over and over from our fantastic clients, and it makes us smile every time! Our caregivers provide personalized attention; we understand that different dogs respond to different things and try to customize our care to suit each guest. Some may want to play a game of fetch, while others just hang out on the deck in the yard, some cuddle in our laps.

We do not put dogs out to be exercised together for communal play, except for dogs from the same family. While this would make our job much easier, just letting groups of dogs run about, it would not allow us to your dogs safety and well being. This is for the safety of ALL the dogs in our care - big, little, dominant, submissive, and those in between. We welcome all breeds of dogs, including those breeds not accepted at other kennels.

The property has two exercise yards, one for our smaller or elderly guests, the other over 1/2 acre for our larger and more active dogs. Both are fully enclosed with secure 6' fencing, grassed and shaded/sheltered areas available. The dogs have access to the yard at least three times a day to enjoy a good run, sniff around or game of fetch.

Our dog boarding facility consists of 31 indoor/outdoor runs. The indoor portion is a generous 16 sq ft, with solid walls for privacy and heated floors. Each run has an attached exercise space 4' wide x 20' long which is completely roofed for protection and comfort.

Boarding Your Pet With Us

  • Please phone (250)339-2955 to make a reservation
  • Print off and complete our Boarding Agreement, or allow ample time at check in to fill out if this is your first stay with us
  • Bring your pet's regular food, any comfort items (toys, blanket from home) and vaccination records*
  • Medications (no injections) need to be clearly labelled with dosage and frequency
  • We provide food and water bowls, bedding and treats

* All vaccination (DA2P, Rabies and Kennel Cough) are required or a current Titer Test. Some exceptions may be made with management approval.

Boarding Fees**

  • $25.00 per day, single dog
  • $35.00 per day, two dogs sharing
  • $40.00 per day, three dogs sharing (at staff discretion)

Daily rate discounts for stays exceeding 14 days and 30 days. No hidden fees for administering medications or suppliments, special or frozen diet storage.

** Boarding fees are calculated by calendar day, NOT by night; therefore an overnight stay is a two day charge. You may pick up or drop off any time during normal business hours.


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